New beginning

Well after last year, it’s time for a new beginning. To recap I started a business (Barzookoid) which I then closed in December 2018 due to personal reasons. My whole life seemed to fall apart, I lost my family but I have gained so much since that point. I have a lot of friends who I care about who all care about me, a chance to reinvent myself.

After battles with my mental health over the last few months this is my opportunity to rebuild and improve myself. As well as to gain more experiences in life and provide a better father to my children, friend to my friends, brother to my brother, son to my parents and partner to my partner.

Unfortunately for anyone who reads this I will be posting about everything that I can, from mental health, technology, music, movies, gaming, family, anything and everything that comes to mind. I’m hoping this can provide some information to my children and myself when we look back on this period of my life and to allow them to see that even whilst I couldn’t be with them or communicate with them that I am indeed thinking of them and loving them nonetheless.

Probably enough for the first post on this site, more content to come VERY soon

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